Brobot classic is now available. Compatible with WOTLK, TBC and CLASSIC. Retail (shadowlands is still not usable yet)

Currently BroBot Classic support questing, gathering, rotations, goldfarming, profile creation tools, taking fly paths, boat, zeppelin, elevator and tram.

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BroBot Classic
BroBot TBC

What Can BroBot Do?

BroBot can do close to anything you wish in World of Warcraft, and will help you accomplish any task. For the beginner it’s super easy to get started, but with its ability to freely customize according to your needs, the potential is also endless. We will introduce the different areas our bot works for below, but if a particular one interests you, we suggest you read our in-depth guide for it by clicking the menu on the right:
If you want to familiarize yourself further with how botting works, how it’s done the best way, and how you can stay as secure as possible, you can find further information in our about botting section.


Our dedicated support team will take care of you any moment. Wether you need help in game about a feature or simply have some pre-purchase questions. You can easily reach out to us on our Telegram or by our in-game support ticketing system


We provide you the top of the line protection. The Unlocker is by far the most secure, reputable, transparent and support responsive tool to protect your accounts. Their team are focused and working hard everyday to make sure you can bot as safe as possible


Rotations for all classes/specs with auto detection for class and spec built-in. Within 3 clicks your bot is ready to Quest, Level or PvP in Battlegrounds. No Need for profiles. We provide the simplest way to use a bot in the market. Using our Brobot Installer, everything gets installed and updated automatically. A new fix update showing in Telegram? Simply reload your WoW client and it will instantly get updated in real time


There are many different WoW bots on the market, ranging from complete AFK honor bots, to advanced PvP bots. Our exclusive Shadowlands bot works for virtually anything you wish - from gathering materials with professions, to Arena PvP for Conquest points. While it comes delivered with profiles for everything from the get-go, the ability to customize every part of your journey through our open API, opens up endless possibilities. You can read more about each functionality through the buttons covering everything from profession botting to PvE/PvP rotations in Shadowlands.

No - currently we are working only on Shadowlands to ensure all functionalities work perfectly. We plan to release a WoW Classic and TBC BroBot in the future.

BroBot works for all Shadowlands servers, no matter what region or language you are playing on.

Yes, BroBot has built-in rotations ready for both PvE and PvP for all classes and specs. This means you don’t have to do anything specific to start farming materials, dungeon farming or anything else you are interested in. BroBot does however have a fully open API, meaning you can customize any part of the bot as you wish.

Credit Card/Debit Card/Paypal/Cryptocurrency through a crypto exchange.

You will need to create an account where you will be able to buy a 3 Days membership or 30 days membership then follow your active subscription and products history that you purchased. After that you will be directed to our shop where you will be able to make the payment. From there, you will get the option to download our desktop installer app which will automatically install everything you need in the right place. All you will then need to do is enter your valid registered email and password. You will then be able to get inside the game and enter your license key to activate it. You can also refer to this installation/Beginner guide here (embedded link)

We offer support on Telegram, you can also reach out to us through the in-game support ticketing system. It will be a pleasure to answer all your questions.

Botting in WoW is not allowed by Blizzard, and they have every right to deactivate an account for the act. Botting is however not illegal, and the worst case scenario is the loss of your account. BroBot works actively to secure your safety and security, and currently has 100% customer satisfaction with no bans on record.

BroBot for PVP

Get fully geared in no time!
PvP in WoW is an entertaining and competitive part of the game for many people. However, farming your gear through endless Battlegrounds and Arenas can be a gruesome task for many players. BroBot can help you get fully geared in no time through its advanced PvP ability, that works for all classes and specs.
Let us list a few of the functions we can offer you:
  • Fully automatic Battleground PvP
  • Plug-and-Play ready PvP Rotations
  • Weight rotation included for free
  • Open API to make your own top tier PvP rotations
  • Sell your own rotations to community members
  • Fully automatic Arena PvP (Coming soon)
PvP botting in WoW has never been easier, and we can get you started in no time - the fastest way to grind Honor and Conquest points is just around the corner. Our Plug-and-Play PvP rotations assure you a great start on your journey, but we also offer the ability to write your own ones through our completely open API. You can take part of other peoples PvP rotations, as well as sell the ones you create yourself. So, whether you are looking to dominate in the Shadowlands Arena, Rated Battlegrounds or just get full PvP gear the fastest way possible, you have come to the right place.

BroBot for Leveling 1-60

Get ready for Shadowlands!
Leveling the easiest, and fastest way in WoW, and Shadowlands might sound like a dream come true, but it doesn’t have to be. BroBot offers you to do so through several different methods and approaches.
Let's have a look at the main features offered:
  • Fully automatic questing 1-60 (In progress)
  • Dungeon leveling
  • Plug-and-Play dungeon rotations
  • 5-man teams supported
  • Earn gold while leveling
How you choose to level is up to you, but questing and dungeons are already fully supported and automatic as you get going. On top of that you can choose to level a whole 5-man team at once to speed up the process further. Leveling up your characters in Shadowlands has never been easier. For a more in-depth look at how you can utilize BroBot for leveling we highly recommend you to read our leveling guide.

BroBot for Dungeons

Gear up in Shadowlands!
Dungeon farming in Shadowlands is fully supported, and while it can be used for leveling, it has many other benefits.
Let’s have a look at some of the core functions our bot can help you with:
  • Gear up in Shadowlands dungeons
  • Normal / Heroic (Coming Soon) / Mythic (Coming Soon) dungeons all supported
  • Transmog farming - both dungeons and raids!
  • All profiles ready to go
  • 5-man teams supported
  • Write your own PvE rotations and sell to others
A fully fledged bot for farming dungeons has several uses as you might see. Gearing up your characters in Shadowlands can be incredibly helpful to skip the tedious journey towards raiding and higher M+ keys. As BroBot can handle all of this for you fully automatically, even in full 5-man groups, you are in for a treat. All PvE rotations are already made for you to get going with lightning speed. Our bot can even handle M+ dungeons in full groups to take you one step further. Farming older dungeons or raids for transmog has become incredibly popular, both for your own benefit, but also as a gold farming method. This is also fully supported and ready to go. For more specific information about dungeon botting, you can read our in-depth guide!

BroBot for Gold Farming

Farm WoW gold in record speed!
Farming gold in WoW through botting is incredibly effective. Whether you are looking to farm WoW Tokens or to buy those juicy BOEs, BroBot will do the job for you. Gold farming goes hand in hand with many of the other functions we offer. The ways of accomplishing the goal are near to endless, but
let's look at how our bot makes your gold farming in Shadowlands a breeze:
  • Grinding mobs
  • Dungeon farming
  • Making gold through professions
  • Herbalism/Mining/Skinning
  • Auto selling through the Auction House
BroBot offers easy ways to make profiles to farm gold in any way you wish. Do you already know a great farming spot? Make a profile in no time and get going. Prefer spamming dungeons to farm gold? Works too. Our bot is simply super versatile and will offer you ways to farm gold both solo or in a group. Best of all - if you choose to farm anything other than raw gold, the bot can automatically post your materials on the Auction House.

BroBot for Professions

Level up, and get gold in Shadowlands!
Farming gold through professions in Shadowlands can be incredibly lucrative, and BroBot will have you covered on all fronts.
We support automatic gathering, leveling and crafting(In progress) for the following professions:
  • Mining
  • Herbalism
  • Skinning
  • Blacksmithing
  • Engineering
  • Alchemy
  • Leatherworking
  • Mining
  • Jewelcrafting
  • Tailoring
  • Enchanting
  • Inscription
  • Cooking
  • Fishing
Automatically leveling or making gold off your professions in Shadowlands is a big topic, and as such we will cover it more in-depth here. Long story short, BroBot can help you in all areas to maximize the value of your professions, and everything is automatically done. For leveling the whole process is managed, and the bot even buys the materials you need from the AH itself. Tired of reading gold making guides and struggling to buy your WoW Tokens? Effortless gold making is no longer a pipe dream, but a reality. As a very popular request, we also offer a fishing bot (Coming Soon). Happy news for all you fishing nerds out there! You can read more about that in our in-depth guide - this simple tool can make you earn WoW gold fast with close to no effort at all.

BroBot for Auction House (In progress)

Make gold in Shadowlands Automatically!
As we have already highlighted, Brobot can automatically both buy and sell items through the Auction House. With an automated process to sell tyhe items you get from dungeon leveling, questioning, leveling professions or anything else you choose to do, you will save valuable time.
Brobot will automatically price your items based on daily averages, and make sure you never lose any gold in the process. We have also provided a full guide to AH botting that you can find in the list above, where we deep dive into how you can use this further to your benefit.
Automatically make use of the AH will tie many of the core functions together, as dungeon botting, professions botting or anything else usually doesn'y maximize their efficiency. Brobot can assure that you always make the most out of your time and get maximum value.

Why choose BroBot?

BroBot is the best WoW Shadowlands bot on the market, so there shouldn’t be much doubt to the answer to this question, but let us explain ourselves further. As our bot can accomplish virtually anything, and can have you up and running in minutes, it’s one of the easiest tools you can find on the market today. There are however no limitations as to what you can achieve on your own through the completely open API that comes with it. Fully automated PvP rotations enabling play in Battlegrounds and Arenas will have you geared lightning fast. The leveling, dungeon and gold farming tools will allow you to have your characters up to speed at all times. All of this is provided together with a secure bot, that to date has no account bans on record.
To your assistance we have created a guide for how to use BroBot, to get maximum gain for any of your desired activities. If you are looking to learn the basics of botting, or start reaching a more advanced level, we can highly recommend you read it through thoroughly. Learning how botting in WoW works is often not a straightforward task, but with the right tools it becomes both simple and rewarding. That is also our highest priority - making sure your experience with BroBot is as smooth and effortless as it can be, while keeping you perfectly safe and secure.