BroBot for Leveling/Questing

An Introduction

Are you looking to level 1-60 the fastest way in Shadowlands? Or are you only looking to level fast 50-60? Whatever it is that you are looking for, BroBot has what you need. As one of the most highly demanded botting methods, leveling has been one of the main pillars we have built our product on.
All areas and methods are covered, so let us introduce what BroBot can do for you:
  • Questing 1-60
  • Dungeon leveling 1-60
  • Play-and-Play dungeon rotations
  • Fully open API to make your own PvE rotations,profiles and other behaviour
  • Sell your own PvE rotations and routes
  • Solo, and up to 5-man teams supported
As you can see all of the popular leveling methods are supported by BroBot, and with smart movement and pathing you will never have to worry about your security. We will take a deeper look at each section, as leveling is a very broad topic in itself.

BroBot Dungeon Leveling 1-50

Botting 1-50 through questing will be as simple as it gets with BroBot. With already preset routes and rotations every class and spec will smash through the content, while being incredibly life-like. Long gone are the days of stiff and robotic movement. With fully implemented efficient leveling routes through smart movement, automatically navigated fly paths and so on, you can sit back and relax. As Shadowlands introduced Chromie Time, meaning you can level in any expansion you wish through 10-50, you can also work towards your Loremaster achievement while leveling several characters, each in one own expansion.
All races in World of Warcraft are supported for the 1-10 leveling, which then leads to the option of questing in the following expansions:
  • The Burning Crusade 10-50
  • Wrath of the Lich King 10-50
  • Cataclysm 10-50
  • Mists of Pandaria 10-50
  • Warlords of Draenor 10-50
  • Legion 10-50
You can also choose to keep on questing in World of Warcrafts Classic areas, Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms. We will talk about the option to level through dungeons down below, since it quite often is the more popular option, due to its speed and simplicity when botting. This does not however mean that leveling your characters through questing doesn’t have its benefits. As mentioned there is the Loremaster achievement that is attractive to a lot of players. Beyond that you might have missed out on certain reputations in an expansion or two that you want to finally get exalted with. BroBot offers you the ability to do so in the blink of an eye. Even better than that is the option to manage your questing completely solo or up to a 5-man group if you so wish. Talk about efficiency.

BroBot Dungeon Leveling 1-50

As we have a dedicated section for Dungeon Botting already, we won’t go into too much detail here, as you can go read the introduction through the link. It is still worthwhile to mention that BroBot will allow you to level strictly through dungeons as soon as you have hit level 10. With Shadowlands the option of which expansion you prefer will be yours. TBC is widely regarded as the fastest option, with dungeon mobs being weaker, and the experience gained still very good. If speed leveling is not the only factor you care about, you will also be able to choose WOTLK, Cataclysm, Mists of Pandaria, Warlords of Draenor, or Legion for your dungeon leveling purposes.
Dungeon leveling is an incredibly efficient botting method, and brings you reputation, raw gold, or transmog items to sell on the Auction House or keep for yourself, all while you can queue for random dungeons solo, or run your own full 5-man group. There is also no need to make profiles, as you will have plug-and-play ready PvE rotations for all specs and classes from the get-go.
Mob grinding to farm gold in WoW is as old as time, but interesting enough it’s as efficient as ever in Shadowlands. There are a whole lot of efficient ways to use a bot for mob grinding, but as one example cooking materials in Shadowlands are highly sought after. This means BroBot can help you farm with no profiles needed, or with community made farming routes. If you want to take it even one step further, you can create your own gold farming routes through our fully open API. These can then be sold to our members to strengthen BroBot even further.

BroBot Questing 50-60 - Covenants Unlocked at Max Level

Leveling in Shadowlands is quite different from its predecessors, but that does not mean botting in the latest expansions is an issue with BroBot. During your first journey it's highly recommended to quest through the main campaign. This will later unlock one of the main features of Shadowlands for you - Covenants. Players need to go through each of the four Covenants main campaigns in order to be able to choose one as your home. This grants players two new unique abilities, as well as access to Soulbinds, transmogs, mounts and pets, the mission table and a whole spectrum of other features - simply put, this needs to be done.
The four Covenants players can choose from in Shadowlands are as follows:
  • Kyrian, the Angelic Soul Guides located in Bastion.
  • Necrolord, the Military Guardians located in Maldraxxus.
  • Night Fae, the Guardians of Nature located in Ardenweald.
  • Venthyr, the Punishers of the Unworthy located in Revendreth.
As Covenants play a huge role in Shadowlands, it has been a main priority to make sure BroBot can quest through the main campaign in order to have them unlocked for our members, while simultaneously reaching level 60.
Botting in Shadowlands as such is quite the different journey from previous expansions - however, this only applies for the first character you level on each account. Later characters can use the so-called Threads of Fate, and level in a traditional way, with having Covenants already unlocked at the beginning of the journey. This means you can freely choose between botting to max level in Shadowlands through questing or dungeons, whichever you prefer, on subsequent characters.

BroBots Open API - Make Your Own PvE Rotations

When leveling with our bot through questing or dungeons, you will never have to worry about PvE rotations and profiles - it’s all ready for you from the start. We do however allow our users to modify their journey through the completely open API, in order to give them the freedom to alter any part of their experience. These PvE rotations for questing and dungeoning can be shared between our community members, which for us is a given, considering it will only strengthen our product and give users a better experience to learn more about how PvE rotations work you can do so at our dedicated section for it.
If you, for example, decide to transmog farm a certain dungeon and find a very efficient way to do so, you are free to sell this profile and rotation to our members after the legitimacy of your BroBot account have been verified. This obviously goes the other way too, in which you can utilize the creativity and work of others. For us, this is a main pillar in making the best bot Shadowlands has to offer. The minds of many will always outwork the mind of one individual. As cliché as it might sound, we are stronger together.


Absolutely! Leveling 1-50 works exactly like in the past, with the choice of questing all the way, or leveling by doing random dungeons. Leveling 50-60 has changed slightly with Shadowlands, as the covenant campaign is the main feature, and basically mandatory for anyone playing the game. The leveling journey in Shadowlands is also slightly different due to the level squish itself, and the ability to choose time lines through Chromie Time. This does however add benefits, such as working towards the prestigious Loremaster achievement.

Yes, BroBot will take you through the whole main campaign without you needing to lift a finger. If you are leveling more characters you can choose different leveling routes however.

The fastest way to level in Shadowlands currently is by doing dungeons, even if questing is a good option as well. As said above, 50-60 should be done through the main campaign on your first character, but after that you can choose to just speedrun dungeons through the random dungeon system instead.

Yes, BroBot can level as many characters at the same time as you wish. For fast leveling a 5-man dungeon group is recommended, where you have one tank, one healer, and three DPS all running with BroBots Plug-and-Play PvE rotations.

We have made sure rotations will exist for you from the start. All classes and specs are ready to go without any work. This is through level 1-60, and you won’t have to worry about a thing. There is still a possibility to make your own PvE rotations through the open API if you wish. These can be sold to our community members, and you will likewise have the option to take part in other members PvE rotations.

No, no profiles are needed. BroBot have it’s own built in Smart movement AI that creates the profile for you live, It will pick quests, do the quests and turn in the quests automaticly. And then move on to the next area by itself. This is through level 1-60, and you won’t have to worry about a thing. There is still a possibility to make your own Profiles through the open API if you wish. These can be sold to our community members also after verification, and you will likewise have the option to take part in other members customized profiles.