BroBot for PVP

Get fully geared in no time!

World of Warcraft has with its release of Shadowlands once again introduced a PvP system that requires a grind of points towards getting your PvP gear assembled. Honor & Conquest points can be used to buy and upgrade some of the best gear available. Many players are looking to gear up through Battlegrounds and Arenas, but their only goal is to get the best PvP gear in Shadowlands as fast as possible. This is where BroBot might come in handy, as our newly developed PvP bot is incredibly life-like, and performs extremely well in all aspects of PvP. Our API is also fully open for customization, enabling our users to create their own PvP rotations for every class and spec. These can then be sold between users on our platform. Let’s take a closer look at why BroBot is the best PvP bot for Shadowlands.

Fully Automatic PvP Botting

Looking to get your weekly Conquest cap or farm Honor? BroBot does it all, and you can freely choose what type of PvP you want to use our bot for. All PvP rotations are simply Plug-and-Play, which will have you going in an instant. While AFK honor farming in Battlegrounds used to be a common method in the past, BroBot has taken it a step further.
As BroBot has both movement and rotations that replicate human behaviour with great accuracy, you can join any of the PvP options in Shadowlands, consisting of:
  • Random Battlegrounds
  • Random Epic Battlegrounds
  • Rated Battlegrounds (10v10)
  • Rated Arena (2v2/3v3)
  • Arena Skirmish
BroBot will auto-join your BGs and Arenas, meaning you will have absolutely nothing to worry about when farming your full PvP set, hitting your weekly caps, or whatever else your goal might be. While our standard version will already perform very well even in tougher PvP situations, the ability to customize your own rotations through the open API gives a whole universe of possibilities. A closer look at that is next in line.

PvP Rotations - Plug-and-Play or Make Your Own

BroBot aims to help anyone interested in botting PvP in Shadowlands, but as much as we like to make it smooth and easy for our basic users, we also want to offer the ability to dig deeper. Our completely open API for BroBot gives the more advanced users the ability to create any PvP rotations they wish, which then can be shared among users. This allows our community to build even stronger tools together, and farming Conquest, Honor and higher Arena/Battleground rating as such become much more enjoyable.
Long gone are the days of AFK farming Honor being the king of the hill. It’s time to introduce the new age of PvP bots that will provide exceptional results, but also guarantee the users safety and security. As demonstrated in the video above, BroBot comes with preset plug-and-play rotations that play the game in a very natural and human way, both for Arena and Battlegrounds. It doesn’t matter if you want to farm Honor and Conquest as a Healer, Tank, or DPS - BroBot does it automatically for you, and it’s never been easier and safer to bot PvP than now.

Weighted Rotations for PvP - Easy Customization with BroBot

As we have discussed, BroBot comes with completely ready-to-go profiles to make Honor and Conquest farming easy for you. There is however the option to create your own PvP rotations, and with that comes our weighted rotations system. To simplify, this basically means you will have access to a priority list, where you insert your own weights to decide which spells/skills are being cast first depending on the situation. Weighted rotations always automatically identifies your level, and adjusts accordingly, meaning the profiles will work no matter what level you are.
With super easy customization you can create PvP profiles for different scenarios, and make your characters excel even further. Grinding PvP in WoW has never been easier than with BroBot, but with your own profiles you can make it much more entertaining as well. As always, profiles can be shared within our community, so make sure to check out what our members have been up to! To learn more about how profile making and weighted rotations works, we suggest you read the Tutorial for BroBot and PvP & PvE Rotations.


PvP bots are probably some of the most classic to bot WoW through its history. This also means there has been, and there are, many different versions of it. AFK honor farming for example used to be very popular, but times have changed. BroBot offers the ability to bot Battlegrounds and Arenas alike, while gathering Honor and Conquest points for your Shadowlands PvP gear. No profiles are needed, and BroBot comes equipped to perform on a high level from the start.

Yes, botting PvP in Shadowlands is fully possible. With BroBot you will stay safe and secure with a life-like bot that can perform on a high level in all areas of PvP.

No, BroBot comes equipped with already fully made PvP rotations and profiles are automatically generated with the bot. That will get you going in a heartbeat. There is however the ability to change, and make new rotations through the open API. This means you can reach even further, and a successful PvP rotation can be sold to members of our community.

All of them. With BroBot you can bot random Battlegrounds and Areas, as well as the ranked versions. This makes the bot extremely efficient for farming Honor and Conquest in Shadowlands.