PvP & PvE Rotations with BroBot

An Introduction

Want to achieve perfect DPS in PvE? Farm Honor and Conquest points super efficiently? Let us introduce BroBots PvE and PvP rotations - made to perfect your gameplay, while you can sit back and relax while getting gold, gear, and everything else you want to achieve in Shadowlands. As you get started with BroBot you will be introduced to already made and polished rotations for both PvE and PvP. These will be utilized for all sorts of activities, ranging from gold farming, dungeon runs, questing in the open world to even high level PvP in the Arena. Without any further ado, let’s start by having a look at what BroBot can help you achieve in the PvE aspect of the game

PvE Rotations for BroBot - Mob Grinding, Dungeons and much more!

PvE rotations are used for many different parts of BroBot. Almost every part of botting WoW involves a rotation in one way or another.
Here’s a list of some of the more common uses where PvE rotations are needed:
  • Dungeon Leveling
  • Dungeon Farming
  • Mob Grinding
  • Raiding
Dungeon leveling, and farming, are supported by PvE rotations that you will receive automatically with BroBot.
This means our beginner users can get started with the push of a button. More advanced users can freely customize their rotations through our open API, and create their own specialized rotations through weights. These can then be sold to our community members, and likewise, you will have the opportunity to browse rotations and profiles made by others.
For PvE purposes rotations can also be used while in raids, or dungeons with other people. This will optimize your DPS, healing and tanking to levels you wouldn’t believe. Take a look at the video above to get an example of how perfectly BroBot will execute your rotations. Tired of having low parses? No need for that anymore.

PvP Rotations for BroBot - Farm Honor & Conquest fast!

The goal for BroBot is very simple - we want to help anyone interested in botting PvP in Shadowlands. This means complete beginners, who wish to press one button and get going, as well as advanced users. Our completely open API for BroBot gives the more advanced users the ability to create any PvP rotations they wish, which then can be shared among users. This allows our community to build stronger tools together, and farming Conquest, Honor and higher Arena/Battleground rating can become much more enjoyable.
Long gone are the days of AFK farming and it’s time to introduce the new age of PvP bots that will provide exceptional results, but also guarantee our users safety and security. Or as we like to put it - the third generation of WoW botting is here. As demonstrated in the video above, BroBot comes with preset plug-and-play rotations that play the game in a very natural and human way, both for Arena and Battlegrounds. It doesn’t matter if you want to farm Honor and Conquest as a Healer, Tank, or DPS - BroBot does it automatically for you, and it’s never been easier and safer to bot PvP than now. To learn even more about PvP botting with BroBot we suggest you read our PvP introduction page.

Fully Customizable Rotations - Shared Among the Community

A major part of the work we do at BroBot revolves around including the community in improving our product. With a completely open API our members come up with great PvE and PvP rotations and solutions for different scenarios. It’s both fun and rewarding to find ways to improve. While we value our base rotations highly and know they can perform exceptional results in both PvE and PvP, there are niche situations that can always be improved.
The ability to share rotations between our community is one of the biggest reasons BroBot is such a strong tool, and we would like for that trend to continue. So, make sure to explore yourself, and when you have created rotations for PvP and PvE in Shadowlands, go ahead and share them with others. If that’s not your jam, we are more than happy to see our members trying the creations of others too!


When you buy BroBot you will immediately have access to PvP rotations for all specs and classes. No self-made rotations are needed at all, you can simply get going with the click of a button. You can however change and create new rotations through a weight system. Weighted rotations simply build their foundation on a value system to choose abilities from. For PvP specifically BroBot also knows its surroundings and is able to perfectly CC/Interrupt prioritized targets. If you are, or become, an advanced user there will be a whole universe to explore with BroBot. If that doesn’t interest you, don’t worry, you will be completely fine with the base version, and by accessing creations made by the community.

PvE rotations are a little bit more straightforward than their PvP counterparts. PvP simply requires more work, but that also means it has been easier to perfect the PvE rotations. We can guarantee flawless play in dungeons and out in the world of Shadowlands. If you are looking to get better parses in raids - well, we can do that too. Our PvE rotations support all classes and specs, and will guarantee you a great rotation to reach those purple and orange logs!